State of Humanity 2020

As humanity at large approaches the year 2020, I thought that I would create a simple yet insightful infographic that communicates my view on where humanity stands and that identifies its true and collective predicament. Well, the image above shows my thoughts. In simple terms, people generally live a materialistic life, focused on the external world and devote more than 90% of their daily thoughts and energies to “material matters” – this includes career, money, power, possessions, friends, spouses, children, religion, politics, food, purchases, and “consumption concerns” therein related. If you “have” something or someone, then there is always fear associated with losing that person or object. If you “don’t have” something or someone, then there is always anxiety associated with trying to obtain or gain that object or possession. So, whether we have something or someone or we do not have something or someone, there is stress. This is due to our total enslavement to trying to control the material world. What can be done? If you are on a rotating wheel like a ferris wheel, you can escape the ups and downs and highs and lows by going to the center, the axis point which does not turn. It remains neutral (the same) always. That is where the Sacred Syllable OM is – at the center of all things. OM is pure being. OM is our composite breath – in and out – in one syllable. OM means One and The One, or God. OM collectively honors all aspects of Source and Creation. OM honors all Divinity, Truth, and Holy Prayers. OM is the monosyllabic form of “I AM”. By centering consciousness in the Sacred Syllable OM, we escape the vicious cycle of ups and downs in material life that can adversely affect our physical and mental health and well-being. Meditate on OM. Chant OM. Simplify your material life. Consume less. Do not allow yourself to get too attached to your physical status – career, money, relationships, etc. Be there, but live in a way that is detached and yet you are still able to love others and care about them, and as you radiate peace, they will inquire as to how you have achieved your peace even in these crazy and turbulent times. Tell them to meditate on “OM”. This is the advice and path of the greatest spiritual men and women of human history, the Rishis.

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