All for One, One for All

There is a common saying: “all for one, and one for all.” This saying is rooted in ancient Indian “Vedanta” philosophy. As you chant the Sacred Syllable OM, you awaken to the natural unity of the universe and life in general. Sure, there is diversity – different trees, birds, human beings, civilizations, bodies of water, planets, galaxies, languages, cultures, aquatics, and more. At the same time, there is unity there – we all share the same planet, the same solar system, and ultimately the same life force, or what Vedantins call the “pranava”. All beings breathe in (through air or water) life-energy, and exhale all that does not keep the physical organism in homeostasis with its environment. As one continues in the path of Vedanta, one sees that the EXTERNAL world is diverse in nature, but the INTERNAL world is one (nondual), again, called the “pranava” by Vedanta philosophers like me. Happy Sunday. Namaste, Keith

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