Vedanta in Simple Terms

There is a saying: if you really understand something well, then you can explain it easily to a child. Then, the child will understand it and be able to communicate that understanding to others successfully. So, here goes. Vedanta philosophy says that all living beings – people, trees, animals, etc. – are like icebergs in the ocean. We have temporary form, like our bodies and minds, but eventually we will return to the ocean and be one with the ocean. How so? The iceberg must first melt. The iceberg must give way to the ocean and let the ocean preside. How does one melt into God, the Supreme Spirit (e.g. the Supreme Ocean of Spirit). The answer is selfless service and OM meditation. We must realize that our finite ego-centered lives is actually what keeps us from total unity with God, Brahman, Divine Spirit. If we can lead simple material lives and stay focused on universal love and compassion through OM meditation and prayer, we will “melt” our egos and allow ourselves, existentially, to merge with God, Brahman, the Supreme Spirit, as Swami Sivananda says in his book “Meditation on Om”.

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