Vedanta on Adam and Eve

In the Bible (Book of Genesis, in the Old Testament), there is a story about Adam and Eve, the first two human beings. It goes something like this: Adam and Eve were in paradise, the Garden of Eden, and God told them they could enjoy fruit from any tree except the tree of knowledge. However, through the suggestion of a speaking snake who appeared, they decided to break that rule and eat an apple from the tree of knowledge. After that, they were banned from the Garden of Eden. OK, that is the story. Here is my interpretation per Vedanta philosophy. The Garden of Eden represents paradise in the sense of bliss and oneness with God. Adam and Eve already were fully connected with God and because of that, they did not need anything else. What eating the apple did was change their consciousness. Once the apple entered their bodies, their spiritual perception was corrupted and they could no longer see God, because then they saw things from the mental platform of the mind (judgment, knowing good from evil) and not from the spiritual platform of nonduality. Knowledge is useful, but only in a temporal sense. We cannot attain liberation or oneness with God through information. At some point, we need to surrender the mind through trust and then Grace restores our true connection with God, Brahman, Divine Spirit. Thanks, Namaste.

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