Oh My …

The Sacred Syllable OM is an ancient Sanskrit word and term and so trying to describe it in our modern times is quite a task. One fun way of understanding OM is through the common saying “Oh My”, where OM (as an acronym) stands for these two words. In theory, when you say “Oh My”, and nothing more, you are leaving out a limiting descriptor to this emotion and state of awareness, amazement, and wonderment. Theoretically, because there is no word after “my”, the infinite domain is there. So, indirectly, you are saying “Oh My God” or something along those lines. In fact, God cannot be described perfectly in one word, so silence sometimes is the best way to describe the Absolute. If you see the Sun, you can most assuredly say “Oh My”. If you see the mountains, you can say “Oh My”. You are expressing wonderment and going beyond judgment. You are practicing receptivity and allowing your mind and being to be open to Grace Itself. Namaste.

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