Why I Chant OM

I am in my early 50s and have read many of the world’s major religious and spiritual texts. I have traveled across the vast USA, to Latin America, and to Europe. I have worked for thirty years now since graduating from college in the late 80s and I have studied with and corresponded with numerous leading minds (individuals) in diverse academic, professional, religious, and spiritual domains. The greatest teaching I have encountered thus far is the Sacred Syllable OM, as revealed by legendary yoga and meditation masters like Swami Sivananda and Adi Sankaracharya of India. Here is why, in simple term. We live in a material world and there is great competition between different belief systems. Religion has become a business. Also, none of them can be experienced. They are just mental constructs based solely on belief. I grew up in a loving Christian home, yet also experienced the dark side of Christianity. In fact, over the years, I have seen both the positive and negative sides of many spiritual and religious paths. I have seen Hindu gurus fall. I have learned about corrupt Tibetan lamas. I have seen Christian preachers and pastors fleece their flocks. I have learned about misguided Catholic priests. I have learned about Jewish Rabbis who know the Torah but don’t have time to help those in need. However, there is one teaching that has stood the test of time in my studies and that can be also experienced: “OM”. You see, “OM” is a Transcendentally Divine Sound that stands for the Absolute Itself in both Personal AND Non-Personal forms. So, OM is the essence of Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus. OM is also the essence of Divine Spirit and Temporal Matter. OM is the essence of love, compassion, wisdom, music, mathematics, and language. OM is the very “stuff” that all thought and prayer is composed out of. Also, OM is something one can experience. As you breathe-in, mentalize/feel the OOO sound vibration. As you breathe-out, mentalize and feel the MMM sound vibration. There you have it, the natural intonation of your breath is the Sacred Syllable OM. So, this practice shows me that we all worship God through our breath. But the key is to become mindful of this. That is true worship. That is Vedanta. This is spiritual awakening, or what Buddhists call Buddhahood. This is also Christ and Krishna Consciousness. You experience God in your very breath and then see all other external (material) things as superficial and transitory. It is my conviction that Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus understood this, experienced this, and tried to teach this. But, because of man’s materialistic nature, he (as a species) has suppressed this information so that people are controlled through belief systems and not graced with direct experience of OM meditation. Just keep chanting OM. Just keep breathing OOO-MMM. It is like boiling water. Eventually, all contaminants will be removed and the water will be pure enough to drink. OM meditation is true worship of God in “Truth and Spirit”, as the Bible asks of us, and OM honors all forms of the Divine that we know about and that we also do not know about, due to the fallen age in which we live. Thank You. Namaste.

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