OM, Uni (One) Verse (Song)

The idea of “universe” makes us think of planets, stars, suns, galaxies, and more. The cosmos is a huge topic for not just scientists but also spiritual seekers and yogis. We are naturally part and parcel of the universe. Still, what does this word mean and suggest? As I wrote in the title of this post, the word “universe” has two parts. First, the syllable UNI means “one”. The syllable VERSE means “song”. So, the “literal” meaning of UNIVERSE means “one song”. What is that “one song”? It is OM. OM has been documented by scientists as the official sound vibration and nature of our Sun. Scientists have also discovered other vibratory phenomena in the universe that have a common vibratory quality called “humming”. Yogis also will tell you that this is OM. The meditation masters (the rishis) of ancient India, especially in the writings of the Upanishads, tell us that the Universe has been borne out of the Transcendental OM sound vibration. Hence, the true indicator and sound, name, and word that is the essence of life itself, at both Origin and creation levels, is the Sacred Syllable OM.

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