I and The Father are Om

One of my favorite Bible passages is John 10:30, where Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew and Aramaic) declares “I and the Father are One”. This statement is both encouraging yet cryptic, due to the fact that we are living in the 21st century and the Bible has been through quite a few language conversions and revisions since the very days of Jesus (Yeshua). Here is my two cents. And before I say this, might I add that my journey in Spirit has taken me 53 years to really understand this, and not just declare this blindly. OK, here goes. If you go back through my posts at omyoga.blog you will see that I have noted more than once that the ideas and archetypes of “One” and “The One” both originate, language-wise, from the ancient Sanskrit language of India, which yogis (meditators) and rishis (seers) declare to be the original language of humanity. So, with that said, let us rephrase this statement just a bit, back to the original Sanskrit … “I and the Father are Om”. Legit? You bet. In fact, this works better than what we have today in modern Bibles, even in English. By writing “I and the Father are Om” we are seeing, in plain language itself, the unity of Father and Son existentially. Jesus is Om. The Father (the Supreme Spirit, Brahman) is Om. Yet, at the same time, in unison, they are exclusively Om too. Again, this has taken me 53 years of living, praying, studying, meditating, and more to be able to arrive at this insight. As Paramahansa Ramakrishna also wrote “Unity is present in Diversity and Diversity is present in Unity”. Om is the definitive sound-symbol that honors diversity in unity and unity in diversity, especially when referring to advanced spiritual statements made by a Divine Soul like Jesus (Yeshua). Thank You. I hope this helps you in your journey. Namaste, Keith

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