OM: A Message Of Hope

The Sacred Syllable OM is the definitive sound, symbol, word, and name for the Absolute Truth, according to the late and great Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, India. The Sacred Sound OM is complete in-and-of-itself. There is nothing else needed. In the ancient Indian “Gita”, Krishna (speaking as God Himself) says “I am the Sacred Syllable OM.” He also says “OM TAT SAT”, or “OM, That is The Truth”. Today, we are caught up in a world of duality. Only when you finally realize that duality cannot be reconciled at its own level do you then “ascend” to the platform of nonduality. That is what OM symbolizes and means: nonduality. We can further align OM meditation with our breathing process. We can visualize and actually feel the OOO sound as we breathe in slowly. We can also visualize and actually feel the MMM sound as we breathe out slowly. That complete breath is our natural “honoring” of the Sacred Syllable OM. There are many contradictions in many of today’s religious and spiritual paths. However, there is no contradiction in OM. “OM” is Absolute. OM is This. OM is That. OM is Spirit with Form. OM is Spirit without Form. OM is also present in all created and manifest beings in all planes of the diverse relative planes and realities. Hence, OM meditation is the best path that is both focused and yet recognizing of Divine Spirit everywhere.

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