A Divided House Cannot Stand

Growing up in a predominantly Christian household, one of the most referenced Bible passages I learned as a kid was “a divided house cannot stand” (Matthew 12:25). In short, if there is strong contention, two side-by-side energies will not stand and will not endure. If you face health, mental, physical, or other problems, then your life will be compromised. In the world today, man against man for political, national, racial, cultural and other material interests will compromise the very existence of mankind. We need to honor our collective humanity. Also, we need to honor our collective source, Divine Spirit, OM. As the Mandukya Upanishad says “All this is Divine Spirit (OM)”. This timeless teaching should be enough for mankind to re-establish peace and positive co-habitation. In the same way there are different languages, understanding that all languages are individual expressions of the language-concept should be reason enough to work empathetically with multiple languages. Also, understanding that mankind is spread out over the world in different cultural settings and yet has a common Spiritual Source (OM) should be reason enough for worldwide peace. Thank you.

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