Just Breathe, Neo

This is a famous line from one of my favorite movies, The Matrix. Here, Morpheus is consoling Neo after he learns about the truth of the Matrix and what it really is. Neo is overwhelmed, and just before he collapses and passes out, Morpheus says “Just breathe, Neo”. While this is just a science fiction movie, the essence of this instruction is real. There are times in our lives where things are very, very difficult. Perhaps one is enduring a physical illness or chronic pain. Perhaps one is enduring difficult economic times. Perhaps one is helping someone else through a tough moment. In such situations, there is little time and energy for consolation, other than “just breathe”. So, here, today, I am offering the same suggestion to you: today, just breathe. Sit down in a comfortable chair or lie down in a comfortable place, on your back. Focus on your breath and nothing else. Let go of all other thoughts, worries, and concerns, and just breathe. As you breathe-in, visualize “OOO”. Feel this sound vibration as you inhale air and oxygen. Then, slowly, as you breathe-out, visualize “MMM”. Feel this sound vibration as air and oxygen exit your lungs. You are aligning the OM meditation mantra with your breath. I wish you a day of peace, rest, healing, and improved energies.

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