OM is Altruism

I have been on the “spiritual” path for more than forty years. I started to read the Bible and other religious and spiritual books at about age 10. One of my greatest concerns has been to ensure that what I do helps others. Sure, it is a great thing to do things in life that benefit oneself. That is a positive thing. But, it is a greater thing to act and think in a way that benefits many people and many lives. Don’t you agree? According to Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, India, the Sacred Syllable (e.g. Single Sound) “OM” honors God in all Divine Forms at all levels. So, when one chants OM one is honoring the presence of God at all levels – material plane, astral plane, causal plane, and absolute plane. That is the incredible scope of OM. With that said, OM is indeed a prayer of altruism. You can also offer this chant for others to help them – if they have financial, social, work, and/or health problems. Chant a few OM mantras and send blessings and positive wishes for those in need. The full power and grace of OM will bless those in need. Namaste.

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