OM is My Rock, My Foundation

In his book “Meditation on OM”, the 20th century Hindu Saint and Spiritual Master Swami Sivananda writes that “Brahman (the Eternal and Highest Being, the Supreme Spirit) is the Highest of all. OM is His Name (page 33).” No matter where I go. No matter who I am with. No matter my physical state of being – health or sickness. No matter my material finances – money in the bank or no money in the bank … I can chant OM and I can call on God, Supreme Spirit, through this Most Sacred Syllable. Do I want God to manifest as Lord Krishna? Then, I can pray “Om Krishna Hum”. Divine Spirit will come to me as Lord Krishna. Do I want God to manifest as Lord Jesus? Then, I can pray “Om Jesus (or Yeshua, in Hebrew and Aramaic) Hum”. Divine Spirit will graciously come to me as Lord Jesus. No matter what, it is God as Supreme Spirit (OM) Who does the manifesting and Who is the Source of all Divine Grace. I once was quite ill from a flu and was in bed for about three days. All I could do is breathe. I did not have the strength to pray. So, thanks to my studies and Divine Grace, I focused on my breath: OOO on the inhale then MMM on the exhale. That is OM meditation via the breathing process. So, I was aligning the Divine Presence of God with my natural breath. I was using the breathing process to pray and invoke the presence of God, simultaneously, Who is always Healthy and Well. OM is my true rock, foundation, and hope. Namaste.

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