Who is God, anyway?

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Blog Subscribers and Blog Visitors: Once again, my name is Keith Johnson, and I am a Senior Technical Writer from South Florida (USA) and my spiritual path in life is just as important as my material life. That is why I have created this blog. With all of the senseless violence in the world, it is easy to say “ah, there must be no God or Supreme Being”. But I beg to differ. Mind you, accepting and understanding God does not mean you need to get approval and permission from the Roman Catholic Pope, a Jewish Rabbi, a Hindu Swami, or a Buddhist Lama. Here is how to cut to the chase and get to know God right up front. JUST BREATHE. Simple, eh? Yes, it is. There is an ancient path of yoga called Shabda (Sound) yoga where you focus on sound and you can use the sound of the breath as your focal point. The Bible affirms that God is Spirit. The Torah affirms that God is Spirit. The Hindu Vedic Scriptures affirm that God is Spirit, above and beyond form. Tibetan monks engage in special breathing exercises to balance meditation. Spirit in Hebrew is “ruach” and the Hindu Vedas calls Spirit “prana”. Hence, it is through one’s breath that one can know and experience God firsthand, directly. Simply sit or lie down and then focus on your calm and relaxed breath. As you breathe in, mentalize “OOO”. As you breathe out, mentalize “MMM”. You have just aligned the Holy Sound “OM” (Name of God in Sanskrit) with your natural breath. So, that is how you get to know and experience God: mindful breathing. God is our very breath. God is the very Spirit and Essential Energy that animates us while we breathe. At some point, we need to put theology aside and become “practical practitioners”, don’t you agree? Thanks, Best Regards, Keith

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