OM is Effective Prayer

In life, there will be times where we can ask for what we need in prayer. There also will be other times when we are not well or do not have a clue about what to say in prayer, how to ask, or what to ask. Perhaps we are just too beaten down to even pray. This is why the Sacred Syllable OM is great. First, it is just one simple, easy-to-remember word: “OM”. Second, according to countless self-realized yoga and meditation masters, OM is the true and perfect sound invocation calling on God in both personal and beyond-personal ways. It is like calling a true friend. You don’t need to say much. As soon as your call is received, your friend knows you want to discuss something. God is the same. God knows our hearts better than we know our own hearts. So, when you chant you are saying this, effectively, to God: “Dear God (Divine Spirit), please look at my life and help me with the concerns that are in my heart today. Sure, I can say many things in prayer, but you know more than what is expressed in words. Thanks for your attention, grace, love, and blessings.” This is how I feel when I chant OM. Like anyone else, I have up days and down days. I have days that are pain-free and I have days where my inflammation acts up. Still, I go to God in prayer. OM is the greatest prayer honoring God as Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Master, Guru, and Friend. OM is effective prayer.

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