Swami Sivananda Honors “OM”

In his book “Meditation on OM”, the late and great Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, India features a section called “Omkara Smarana Stota” which essentially means “Honoring OM (the Omkar) through a devout eulogy”. It is a very nice read…

“The Supreme Spirit (Brahman) is attained by devoted contemplation, hearing, mantra-yoga practice (japa), and singing-praise (sankirtan) of OM at all times. By the mere thought of OM, one attains the highest state of liberation and immortality. He/She who meditates on the Pranava (OM) in a continuous stream of thought like that of oil poured from one vessel to another or the continuous sound of a bell is person who should be considered as a true knower of the Vedas. By the long repetition of OM, the knower of the Supreme Reality whose refuge in solitude overcomes the wandering of the mind due to intellectual habit. Concentrating on the tip of the nose with hands and feet controlled and the mind withdrawn from all external activities, one should meditate on the Omkara, the Pranava OM.”

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