OM is Our Sun

Happy Monday friends, colleagues, blog subscribers and blog visitors. I wish you a great week ahead. This morning, I would like to share my two cents regarding our Sun, according to the teachings of Swami Sivananda and other prominent, self-realized yogis and meditation masters. Some people say that chanting “OM” is Sun-worship. Here is my response: OM is the Sound of the Timeless, Transcendental, and Eternal Self. Yet, the Self (Brahman, The Supreme Spirit beyond name and form) manifests in this physical plane as the Sun, for the benefit of living beings. The Sun is more than just a ball of hydrogen and helium gases. Rather, what we perceive as “cosmic gases” is merely the outward energy manifestation of the yogi serving as the Sun, and this yogi is essentially an extension of the Original, Supreme Self. Here is another analogy. You can send mail via the Postal Service. The Postal Service can have a central office and it can have smaller offices. So, in relation to the Infinite and Incomprehensible Self, the Sun is a small manifestation of Pure Being. One can indeed pray to the Sun and prayers are relayed from the Sun-Yogi (Surya, Savitri, Gayatri, are just a few names) to the Limitless Self (OM). The mystery of our existence and our relationship with God is similar to that of a drop of ocean water and the ocean. They are both individual and yet the same. The Sun is its own being, for a while, but its essence is always one with Divine Spirit OM.

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