OM is My Refuge

Life is an experience that embodies joy, sadness, opportunity, failure, health, sickness, special times, difficult times, pain, pleasure, honesty, deception, and more. There is duality at every step. The greatest of yogis (meditation masters) will tell you the same thing: that lasting happiness cannot be had in this world because the essence of material life is impermanence. Jobs come and go. School comes and goes. Friends and family come and go. Spiritual teachers, mentors, gurus, and guides come and go. So, what is there always for us? The answer is the Sacred Syllable OM. This sacred sound is a true refuge for those looking for lasting peace amidst a world of chaos and change. Refuge in OM (RIO) is not just a sales pitch. It is real. It is something you can see for yourself firsthand. Allow yourself ten to fifteen minutes each day to disconnect from the material and physical world around you. Don’t worry, it will be there when you return. Simply sit in silent meditation. You will hear the Cosmic OM sound vibration in natural phenomena around you. Allow that sound to generate inner peace and a sense of renewal in you. Taking refuge in the Sacred Syllable OM will heal you and restore you.

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