Three Steps to God

Happy Sunday and Namaste. When you chant OM, you are invoking the Divine Presence of God. At the same time, you are moving consciousness inward culminating in direct communion with the Absolute Plane. Here is how this works. Chanting OOO is the starting point of consciousness for most of us: the physical plane. As you then chant MMM you are moving consciousness inward, into the mental plane. Finally, as the chant ends, there is a deep silence, and that is the Absolute Itself. In this particular angle of OM meditation, you are engaging in a journey that begins totally on the outward side of consciousness and awareness, and you slowly move inward to the purely mental or causal aspect of being, and then finally arrive at the inward-most plane of Being, the Indescribable Absolute Itself. So, slowly chant OOO-MMM, and then allow yourself to observe a few seconds of silence. Hope you enjoyed this Divine Journey.

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