OM is Omnipresent

Over the course of my 50 years of living, I have listened to and studied under many teachers of many walks of life. Some were formal teachers, some were friends, elders, professors, mentors, and individuals who knew something special. However, the one “down” side of every person in this world that I have known is that of “agenda”. Most people today have agendas. I am not blaming them or criticizing them. But, they are people with needs, objectives, preferences, and biases. After a while, one realizes that true peace is within and not something achieved by hanging out with or getting the approval of someone else. Swami Sivananda writes in his book “Meditation on OM” that “The Sacred Syllable OM is God as Supreme Spirit (page 33)”. So, God is beyond human limitations. This sense of “omnipresence” is very comforting, especially knowing that you can always commune with God through Om meditation and chanting. Indeed, God is always there, not coming and going because of an agenda. The mind of the human being can change on a dime. So, sure, enjoy friends, family, colleagues, masters, and even saints. Still, they are all people and while they are with you, their minds could be elsewhere. So, invest some time in OM Meditation. You are cultivating your relationship with the One Transcendental Being who will always be there for you, one-hundred percent, unconditionally. Namaste.

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