Jesus was a Vedantin

Happy Saturday friends, colleagues, and blog followers and visitors. I grew up in the Christian Church. I was raised, going to both Congregational and Methodist churches and also received spiritual support from some local Baptist ministers in my town. In college, for the first time, I came to know people of other faiths: Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Shintos, Catholics, Mormons, Jews, Muslims, and more. During my first marriage, I practiced Catholicism and followed the church’s teachings. I am in my second marriage now, and follow a more universal approach to God that focuses on principles and not necessarily beliefs. I have learned a great deal over the years and that is why I have this blog. Most people today think you need to be part of an established Christian Church to follow Jesus and “be saved”. You need to believe what the Church teaches or else you are lost. I disagree. The modern church wants your allegiance, just like a politician does. It is a game of socio-economic power. Jesus was AGAINST that. Jesus came to liberate/free us and not enslave us. Here is how I see Jesus now: Jesus understood the basic principle of God as Divine Life: Perfect Being and Perfect Sound. God is. Period. This is why the Old Testament says “I am That I am”. God is BEING, above and beyond form. God is Pure and Timeless Spirit. The Bible tells us that Who God was yesterday, He is today, and He will be tomorrow. And, out of that Perfection of Being, there is an Eternal and Perfect Sound (OM) that has allowed for the manifestation and creation of all that is. Even though there is creation, creation is still within the domain of God as The Infinite, Supreme Spirit. Jesus understood this. He was awake (Buddha). He was devoted to truth, always (Krishna). He loved all unconditionally (The Christ). How did he present this incredible insight to mankind? The Lord’s Prayer. The Lord’s Prayer embodies the very best of words with Spiritual Awareness, helping sincere souls to see the Presence of God everywhere, not just in a remote heaven. God is in the bird. God is in the dog. God is in the old man. God is in the baby. God is in the oceans. God is in the mountains. There is nowhere that God is not. He is everywhere, because all comes from and lives within Him. God is. In Sanskrit, you can chant “OM”, this affirmation says ” I honor the Omnipresent Lord”. This is true Vedanta – seeing God everywhere, at all times. This is what Jesus tried to teach humanity during his lifetime, I sincerely believe. Thank You and Namaste.

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