OM is Holy Prayer

In his book “Meditation on OM”, Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, India writes that “All languages and sounds come out of OM (page 38)”. So, with that said, all prayers find their essence and root in the Single Syllable OM. There are two types of prayer. First, there is prayer where we can find the words and can express ourselves clearly through words. Second, there is prayer where we honestly do not know what to say. In both instances, OM addresses both prayer needs. Even if you can “word your prayer” effectively, still, that prayer could be improved upon. If you are distraught and wish to pray but do not know what to say, just pray “OM”. I went through a surgery back in 2009 and was in strong pain for about three weeks as I recovered. All I could do is chant a light OM and focus on my breath: “OOO” inhale, and “MMM” exhale. I am sure through Divine Grace, God was able to determine my concerns and needs. That is true grace. Simply pray OM with humility and gratitude and surely God as the Supreme Spirit will come to your assistance and answer your prayer accordingly. Namaste.


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