OM is My Home

In his book “Meditation on OM”, the late and great Swami Sivananda tells us (his readers) that the mystery of OM is best understood by analyzing our very breath. The natural in-breath embodies the “SOOOO” sound and subtle vibration. The natural out-breath embodies the “HUMMM” sound and subtle vibration. Simpler yet, the in-breath vibrates “OOO” and the out-breath vibrates “MMM”. Combining these two aspects of the breath, in unity, we get the Sacred Syllable OM. Indeed, our “breath” is our living home and refuge. Why am I saying this? Simple. The world today is off-the-rails regarding material, political, social, and even religious power. This is why there is so much strife. People are trying to acquire and control temporary things. Most people identify themselves based on their assets and work-activities with involve some kind of professional power or skill. These are all temporary in nature. They do not endure. For example, today, you hear very little of famed guitarist Eric Clapton. Even a top guitarist like EC must face the end of his stellar guitar tenure. What endures? OM. No matter your material status, you can chant OM. You can meditate on OM. You can breathe in and out and feel the presence of OM. So, with that said, the Sacred Syllable OM truly is mankind’s enduring home and refuge. Namaste and Happy Thursday.

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