OM is Limitless

In his book “Meditation on OM”, Swami Sivananda uses the words Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence to describe the nature of OM. Essentially, OM is “limitless” in presence (being), power (potency), and awareness (consciousness). We are all effectively instances of OM. We are individual drops of water in the Infinite Ocean of Consciousness and Being. Perhaps the reason we all hold onto ego-centric thoughts is that the thought of “dissolving” or “dissipating” into the vastness of OM is overwhelming. Rest assured, and I have heard this from several spiritual masters: the unfoldment of consciousness and awareness to higher states of being and perception is done very slowly and in micro-steps. This is why change must be done slowly and steadily and not abruptly. As the Gita says: “Om Tat Sat”, “OM, That is The Truth”.

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