OM is Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is a spiritual practice by which specific pranayama (breathing), mantra (sound invocation), and mudra (hand gesture) techniques are used to help one accelerate toward inner peace and God-communion. In my experience, the Sacred Syllable OM alone is the perfect embodiment of conscious breath, sound invocation, and gesture whose focus allows one to grow safely and yet surely on the path of spiritual awakening toward God-communion. In the “Omkar Gita, In Light of Kriya Yoga”, legendary Kriya Yoga Master Lahiri Mahasaya writes: “the sound vibration of Purusha (Spirit) is AUM and the sound vibration of Prakriti (Matter) is UMA”. So, this means that consciousness for most of us on the path is still centered in matter (UMA, in Sanskrit). Chanting OM, breathing while mindful of OM (OOO-MMM), and meditating on the OM sound vibration allows our consciousness to overcome Prakriti and re-center in Spirit (Purusha). Perceiving the One, Indivisible Self, which is the Eternal OM, is true Krishna Consciousness and Christ Consciousness. Awakening in this way will allow us to live with greater love, compassion, understanding, and more. This is a great way for humanity to achieve world peace, through individual transformation. Namaste, Keith

3 thoughts on “OM is Kriya Yoga

    1. Thank you Monica! I sincerely believe if more and more people can learn about and “awaken” to the presence of the One Self, of which we are all a part, then humanity will move forward. Thanks for your visit!

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