OM is Hope

There are two ways to live your life: focused on matter and focused on spirit. Surely, a human being needs to have basic needs met in order to survive physically in this world and to protect oneself from any/all harsh elements that nature has to offer. At the same time, a person who lives exclusively for material things becomes a shell of sorts and there is no spiritual joy inside. This is why the Buddha emphasized what we know today as the “middle path”, or the path of moderation. Sure, have a job. Earn some money. Take care of your basic needs. THEN, spend some time in prayer and time with God in meditation and contemplative reflection. Everything in this world that is material in nature will come and go, so do not place your hope there. Jesus even warns about this in the Bible. He tells his listeners and disciples to invest in spirit and to trust God. I have had many days myself when I felt like I was losing ground materially, like during times of unemployment. Then again, I reminded myself that I had time to pray and meditate and to offer the benefits and merits of those spiritual times to those in need. Centering in Spirit is Truly Divine. Centering in Spirit is Truly Hopeful. Namaste.

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