OM is Divine Peace

I have been living in the greater Miami, Florida area for about twenty years. About ten years ago, by chance, I came across the website of a local Hindu Saint named Swami Jyotirmayananda, who is a direct disciple of the late and great OM Yogi, Swami Sivananda Saraswati of Rishikesh, India. I have visited Swami J’s ashram two or three times but prefer to just send a brief e-mail with my questions so that way I do not disturb his peace and time in spiritual renunciation (sannyasa). Swami J always replies to my e-mails and he provides focused and yet sincere responses. Thank you Swami J. He shared with me a free copy of his book Mystical Pathways Through The Bible that shows how Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew and Aramaic) actually was an established Vedanta practitioner, and saw the One, Indivisible Self everywhere. For this reason, he declared “I and the Father are One”. True Christ Consciousness (like Krishna Consciousness) is seeing God/Divine Spirit in all living beings. Today’s major post is this one, and it features a short block of text by Swami J from this book. It is about attaining true and lasting peace, which the world desperately needs today: “You become a true peacemaker when you discover God within yourself and understand Him to be the underlying reality behind the world. Then when you perform your duties for human beings, when you serve your family, friends, and society at large, you are loving God within them (MPTTB, pg. 197).” I could not agree more. Thank you Swami Jyotirmayananda. Namaste.

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