OM is Timelessness

The spiritual journey is a long one. We start out with mythical views and slowly evolve and become individuals capable of loving and caring about different people in different walks of life – some whose culture we understand and some whose culture we do not understand. As we journey, we also learn, directly, that life is transitory and fleeting. Things simply do not last. For me, friends from high school and college are long gone. Sure, I can give them a call, but those days are long gone. So, the conversation is brief. Today, our needs and concerns have changed. The Sacred Syllable OM, according to Swami Sivananda, is eternal. It is timeless and beyond material manifestation. So, no matter the time of day and where I am or who I am with, I can take a step back and meditate on OM. It is Omnipresent. Hence, it is Timeless. OM and Amen.

Note: Post artwork provided by my good friend M.J. Bedford.

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