Division is Violence; Unity is Peace

There is too much violence in this world today. Terrorism. War. Family Strife. Societal Strife. Political Strife. Religious Strife. The list goes on. In the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew and Aramaic) tells us that “a divided house cannot stand” (Matthew 12:26). Humanity is terribly divided today and the nightly news every day is basically a summary of all the incidents of violence from across the world. What is the solution? Unity. Says the Buddha, “this is how living beings find wellness” (paraphrased from the Dhammapada). This is why family, friendship, community, and humanitarianism work for the greater good. The ancient Himalayan Rishi and Sage Mandukya wrote that “All this is OM”. In other words, we are all naturally part and parcel of the Spiritual Sound Vibration OM. It is only out of ignorance that we fall into dual consciousness and see others as adversaries and enemies. At the very heart and soul of existence, all living beings are “one” with the Supreme Spirit (God, Brahman) and one another. Let’s collectively rise out of division and into unity. In this way, we can leave a legacy of peace and goodwill to future generations. Thank You. Namaste.

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