OM is Total Trust

The Sacred Syllable OM is the perfect sound to describe, call upon, and “name” our Limitless Divine Source. Some call this Being “God”. Some call this Being “Brahman”. Some call this Being “Adonai”. Some call this Being “Adi-Buddha”.

In “Meditation on OM”, the legendary Swami Sivananda says that “Brahman, The Supreme Spirit, is the highest of all. OM is His name”. So, as we chant OM and meditate on OM, we are entering into a covenant of pure and total trust. I have worked in Computer Software Documentation and Training for more than twenty-five years and can tell you this: most companies and organizations today do not invest enough in documentation. In fact, historically, documentation has always been a terse and difficult matter. Not all scribes documented things accurately. Even books like the Gita, Torah, and Bible have been through revisions and modifications, so the documentation we have today has been subjected to socio-political factors. So, how do we go forward, then? The answer is simple: trust. At some point, we must leave behind “trying to know it all” and learn to trust. If I get onto an airplane, I must trust that the pilot knows how to fly and he or she will get me to my desired destination. This is how I feel about the Sacred Syllable OM. Swami Sivananda is like a pilot who knows the destination. I trust both the Swami and the Sacred OM chant/prayer. The mind can only know so much. At some point, we must learn to trust. I trust the words and writings of Swami Sivananda over Dr. Deepak Chopra who charges thousands of dollars to attend his seminars. Swami Sivananda is a pure soul. His book “Meditation on OM” cost me about five US dollars. That is more than fair. Thank you Swami. I trust the Sacred Syllable OM. When I chant “OM” I am saying “Supreme Spirit, I trust in You”. Namaste.

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