OM is One

There is a Bible passage that tells us: “a divided house cannot stand” (Mark 3:25). True. I agree. So, how can we pray and meditate in a way that is complete, so that there is no space for division? The answer is the Sacred Syllable “OM”. Swami Sivananda writes in “Meditation on OM” that “OM is Divine Spirit (Brahman). OM is both the Upper Brahman (Divine Spirit beyond form) and the Lower Brahman (Divine Spirit with form, in avatars like Krishna and Buddha)”. So, in short, OM is complete. OM is One. OM is “The One”. There is nothing outside of OM. One’s prayer and meditation featuring the Sacred Syllable “OM” honors all truth, all being, all that is good, all that is divine, in one simple chant and invocation. That is the complete and undivided divine grace of “OM”. Thank You. Namaste.

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