OM is Krishna Consciousness

In the ancient Indian book “Bhagavad Gita” (Sanskrit for “The Song of God”), the human form of God, Krishna, tells his disciple and dear friend Arjuna that He is the Sacred Syllable “OM” (Gita Chapter 7, Verse 8). He also tells Arjuna that at the time of death, if someone thinks of Him and also recites the Sacred Syllable “OM” sound, that person will attain His heavenly abode in the spiritual world (Gita Chapter 8, Verse 10). I spent some of my free time with the Krishna Consciousness movement during and after my college days, and I enjoyed both kirtana (singing prayer) and great vegetarian food. However, I felt that the movement favored the Personal form of Krishna and disregarded the Universal form of Krishna, which is the Sacred Syllable “OM”. Today we live in a highly divided world. This is very dangerous. A limited concept of self is what keeps mankind at odds. How can this be resolved? Simple. Humanity must find Universal Means by which all aspects of life and divinity can be reconciled. In the same way that a Chinese, Indian, American, French, and Brazilian can agree that all individuals are “human beings”, I believe that true Krishna Consciousness is seeing all Divinity as “OM”. So, Krishna is OM. Buddha is OM. Jesus (Yeshua) is OM. Shiva is OM. Mahavir is OM. The Divine Being (Surya) who is the Spiritual Source of the Sun is OM. The Earth is OM. The Mountains are OM. The Oceans are OM. In this universal outlook, there can be great peace among all living beings, even though there are distinct races and spiritual paths around the world. Thank You and Namaste.

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