OM is Mantra Yoga

Swami Sivananda taught Integrated Yoga, but also taught that different unique yoga paths can be taken by different people according to their unique needs. As a writer and musician, I felt immediately drawn to the Sacred Syllable OM sound and energies when I first heard it. So, for me, the path of Mantra Yoga is the best path for me. As you meditate on the sound of OM in deep meditation or through mindful chanting, you become aware of its true presence and aliveness, if you will. Mantra Yoga is a direct path of awakening through sound. In the same way that you drink a glass of water when thirsty, you similarly chant OM when you “thirst” for the presence of the Divine (God/Brahman). Before I engage in a meditation or chanting session, I always “clear” negative energies in a prayer like this: “Divine Spirit, thank you for this opportunity to chant your Holy Name and unite with you through the Sacred Syllable. I am grateful for all the blessings you have given me and am remorseful regarding any thoughts and actions I have committed that are negative in nature. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Om and Amen.”

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