Is there a “right” way to pray?

Life is an ongoing process of evolution and growth from many angles – personal, professional, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and more. So, the “right” way for a child to pray might be according to his or her parents’ religion and way of life. Over time, the consciousness and awareness of the child evolves into that of an adult and “how” the adult prays may or may not be the same way. I was raised as a Christian and still believe in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew and Aramaic). I still enjoy praying the Lord’s Prayer. However, I do not believe all of the Bible stories today in a literal sense. Rather, I see many of them as instructional. In other words, we are to apply spiritual stories and lore to our lives so that we can manifest “Christ Consciousness”.

My #1 prayer today, as an adult, is the Sacred Syllable “OM”. Not only is “OM” the Holy Name of God in Sanskrit, but it is also a Divine Gift and Invocation that allows me to merge with God and become One with Him/Her through Sound. I personally believe that the True Spiritual Name of the men we know as “Krishna”, “Buddha”, and “Jesus” … is “OM”. All three self-identified with Infinite Divine Presence (Omnipresence), Infinite Divine Power (Omnipotence) and Infinite Divine Knowledge, Understanding, and Insight (Omniscience). For me, “OM” as a prayer “collectively embodies” all Holy Prayer across many noble traditions and paths. OM allows me to pray, in spirit, with and for countless noble souls from many different spiritual paths. Namaste.

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