Having, Doing, and Being

According to several Spiritual Masters under whom I have studied, there are three major aspects of our lives: having, doing and being. Most people establish their identity and concept of self by evaluating their actions (deeds) and assets (things they have). But little do they know that both of these aspects of our lives are temporary. The only part of our life that is eternal is being. This is why I meditate on the Sacred Syllable OM. God, who is Divine Spirit, is beyond form. Sure, God can take on a human life like that of Krishna, Buddha, or Jesus (Yeshua). But, ultimately, God is Transcendental Spirit who is beyond form. So, we cannot get closer to God through materialism. Om Meditation enables me to connect with God at any time and anywhere. God cares for us unconditionally above and beyond our assets and titles. We must learn to let go of a materialistic way of life in order to connect with God in prayer, contemplation and meditation. Centered Being allows our inner-being to connect with God’s inner-being. OM represents both the self of the person and Self of Divine Spirit. OM equals unison.

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