Why “OM”?

Many people ask me, “Keith, why do you meditate on OM? Why don’t you just go to church?” Here is my answer. First of all, let me say that I have great respect for people of faith in the world who do great things. KUDOS. I really mean this. However, most of our religious belief systems are still rooted in duality, even today. It is hard to go to church without hearing something about “non-believers” or “the lost”. I find this very troublesome. The very path of Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew and Aramaic) is about inclusion and acceptance. According to great masters like Swami Sivananda, OM is the greatest prayer, meditation mantra, and sound invocation honoring God (Divine Spirit) in all ways. There is no duality in OM. OM honors all truth that is recorded and practiced in all traditions. If there is something in a tradition that is not true, well, then OM does not honor that untruth. OM as a prayer means something like this “Dear God, I honor You and all of Your Divine Forms and Divine Teachings”. So, OM helps me to feel connected to all great men and women in many traditions who are doing good things in both material and spiritual ways. So, in short, the Sacred Syllable OM allows me to honor God as Divine Spirit in all ways – with form, and yet beyond form. With the OM chant, I honor not just Jesus (Yeshua), but also great souls like Buddha, Sankara, Krishna, Shivabalayogi, the 14 Dalai Lamas, Mahavir, St. Francis of Assisi, and Thomas Merton, just to name a few. Namaste.

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