Pranava OM

In the Sanskrit language of Ancient India, the word “pranava” means “life-force”. Most of us consider the breath as merely a natural means by which we stay alive. But there is much more to this. The breath is not just air and embedded oxygen. Inside the air and oxygen, there is something called “the pranava”, which is the actual “life-energy force” that animates us as conscious, living beings. In science, there is research regarding the “God” particle, and while that is a noble effort, that research is centered in the physical plane of reality. But beyond the physical, astral, and causal planes, say many meditation masters, there is the Absolute Plane of Being Itself. This is the “Divine God Particle”. Its essential presence is what causes the Divine OM sound to be heard and perceived in deep meditation. So, as you reflect on OM, know that you are hearing the “Pranava” Itself, the Divine Life Force that is the true and timeless Source of Being. Namaste.

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