Message of Krishna: Devotion

One of the most famous spiritual teachers in the Hindu spiritual path is Krishna, who was believed (and is still believed by many) to be God, Himself. In the ancient book/lore of the “Bhagavad Gita” (which means the Song of God), Krishna imparts great spiritual knowledge to his devotee and friend, Arjuna. This conversation is symbolic of God conversing with man. Arjuna asks Krishna many questions and Krishna replies with decisive and enlightening answers. An important theme of the Gita is that of “bhakti yoga” or “union with the Divine through devotion”. So, it is not just belief that gets us there. Rather, we must apply thought, action, and belief together to attain true and lasting union with our Divine Source. In this Gita, Krishna reveals that he is the Sacred Syllable OM (Chapter 7, Verse 8). So, if we can chant OM every day and also do our very best to treat others with loving kindness, we transform ourselves into true devotees of the Divine. There is no complex path involved. Just chant OM and care deeply about others. Thank you for this great teaching, Lord Krishna. Namaste.

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