Why You Should Meditate

Briefly, you should meditate for at least ten minutes every day. You don’t have to sit on the floor with your legs crossed. You can walk slowly in silence. You can sit in a chair and just focus on your breathing. You can lie down on the floor if you wish. The actual physical form of meditation you utilize is beside the point. What matters is that you practice “letting go” of the physical world and your heaviest concerns for about ten minutes each day. This will help you to restore your inner peace. A famous master once said that “Peace is like river water whose dirt has settled to the bottom of the riverbed. What is left is clear and flowing water.” If you are an academic student or work a job that requires your intellect, then meditation will help your mind to become stronger. If you work a physical job, then meditation will help your body to rest for a bit and then you can resume your physical activities. Allow meditation to help. Namaste.

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