The Divine Breath, SoHum

One of the greatest spiritual traditions and better-health technologies that we still have today is our very breath. Yogis (meditation masters) of the ancient past, and even today, say that mindful breathing is one of the greatest activities we can learn. Mindful breathing allows us to appreciate each breath we take, and we see that our one true possession in this lifetime is our breath. When you sit for meditation, listen carefully as you inhale. Notice that the sound of the breath as it enters your lungs takes on the “SO” sound. As you exhale, also notice that the sound of the breath takes on the “HUM” sound. Now, as you breathe, mentally chant “SO” on the in-breath and “HUM’ on the out-breath. Pranayama Masters like Paramahansa Yogananda have written that SOHUM is the bi-syllable (two-syllable) form of “OM”. So, you are actually chanting and meditating on “OM” as you breathe, but you are doing it in two steps, the first one being the “inhale” (SO) and the second one being the “exhale” (HUM). Namaste.

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